How to stay positive in the autism journey : 11 simple practices that will transform your life.

As a mother of a child with autism, I am sure you have struggled to keep a positive mind from the time your child had an autism diagnosis. To be positive through life obstacles, especially when it involves your child is an immense challenge.

It requires a mighty mindset that has been put into a lot of practice to be positive, no matter what life throws on you. Besides, how do you stay positive in the autism journey?

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4 Autism myths my son dispelled and displayed improvements

Autism journey is an emotional roller coaster ride with hard decisions to make besides digest the fact of your child’s future. This situation becomes further hurtful when you overhear many autism myths that not only confuse you but scare you too.

Nevertheless, please don’t despair. With a lot of dedication and strategies to strive, you can dispel the common autism myths and see significant progress in your child. Today, I would like to share with you 4 autism myths my son dispelled and displayed improvements, which is the outcome of various therapies and strategies that I have followed for the past 8 years to achieve this level.

4 Autism myths my son dispelled and displayed improvements

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Proven benefits of Bilingualism in Autism – 7 easy yet powerful tips for teaching your child to be bilingual

Language is a method of communication that is available universally. We use language as a tool to express our opinions and emotions. The language further provides us with identification and helps us to connect with others.

Many people become so passionate about this powerful tool that they do not stop with the knowledge of one language but get empowered with two or more. That’s right, the majority of the population are bilingual or even multilingual.

Benefits of Bilingualism in Autism – 7 easy yet powerful tips for teaching your child to be bilingual

Bilingualism is the use of two or more languages by an individual.

To be or not to be Bilingual with your Autistic child has invariably remained a question in our community.

However, did you know that being bilingual might develop your kids’ cognitive skills?

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How to teach an autistic child to face bullying : Implement 3 simple, everyday techniques to build this Life skill

From a very young age, we learn several fundamental life skills, and among them is to protect ourselves and stand for ourselves.

Unfortunately, this particular skill doesn’t emerge naturally to the child with Autism. We have to teach them how to self-defense themselves. The earlier we start, the earlier they are ready to face bullying.

How to teach an autistic child to face bullying: Implement 3 simple, everyday techniques to build this Life skill.

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My Child is different but not Less — Never Ever lose hope.

The most unfortunate reality about Autism is not how my child is different from others or the social problems I have to deal with. But, it’s the constant, exhausting 24/7, 365 days work I have to put in, to teach my child to demonstrate appropriate behavior so that the typical world accepts him.

Autism is a brutal reality, and it has ruined my healthy life. Autism has crushed my goals and expectations for my future.

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How to motivate autism students for schoolwork : 5 powerful strategies to try today.

You are fairly settling to the new lifestyle of juggling amidst remote work schedules, attending Telehealth sessions, and coordinating with the school teacher for distance learning as well.

You have taken charge of homeschooling your kids at different levels and age for the rest of the academic year.

However, your child with special needs is showing frustration and anxiety to do school work or practice any work that you provide him/her?

How to motivate autism students for schoolwork : 5 powerful strategies to try today

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5 efficient strategies tried and proven to benefit your Autistic child during the lockdown

Bravo, mom! You have already done a remarkable job by juggling between kids, cooking, laundry, and your remote work schedule for almost 5 weeks now. That’s an immense achievement, and you deserve a pat on your back!

Although you have survived adequately so far, yet you are facing meltdowns, issues with focus, direction following, etc.?

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How to motivate yourself during the lockdown : 3 powerful tips to try today

In the current circumstances, you are feeling so much stress, worry, and fear as well.  Overnight your life has taken a new direction; your kids are at home doing remote learning, for your autistic child, you have become their school teacher, speech therapist, occupational therapist, ABA therapist, and many more. 

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Motivational People – Siri, an artistic enterpreneur on the spectrum.

Designs By Siri is a handcrafted jewelry business launched by Siri and her family. For this week’s motivational blog post, I got the privilege to interview Siri’s mom Swathi Chettipally who is Siri’s pillar of strength.

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2 effective tactics to follow in this Lockdown period for your Autistic child to progress.

Nobody is excused from this pandemic period. With school closures parents of special needs children face stressful and demanding challenges.

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Motivational People – Sophia Miniel, a 15 yr old with Autism owns a ‘Soap making’ business.

Are you in anxiety and pondering about what future does your ASD child hold?

Get motivated by the 15-Year-Old girl with Autism who is the owner of an amazing soap making business.

I admire the parents who recognize a hidden ability in their children. These parents positively give me hope for my younger son’s future.

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Focus on just 1 problem behavior this week

Depending on the countries you are in, this is either week 2 or week 3 of the lockdown. All your child’s therapies are canceled to maintain social distance for an indefinite period. This lockdown period may make your ASD child regress in many skills that he/she may have picked up after a lot of struggle. 

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The 1 most valuable practice your Autism child needs right now to cope in the current pandemic situation

With the Stay at home orders happening currently in the world, as a parent we are wondering how to keep the kids busy as well as utilize their time productively.

As a special needs caregiver, your worry is even more since your child will miss the social skills, speech therapy, physical therapy or occupational therapy in school etc. Including ABA clinics that has been closed for safety reasons as well as in home ABA therapy sessions are cancelled.

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Motivational People – Kerry Margo’s journey From Nonverbal Autism to Public Speaking

Kerry Magro is such an inspiration for parents of non-verbal children with autism.

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Motivational People – Love for Legos helped change the life of a man with autism

Brad’s marvelous talent to put together complicated construction toys and legos gave his father an idea for a business.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Autism : Where direction is more important than speed. Trust the journey.

-Autism Canada

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5 tips for Flying with an ASD child this holiday. The 2nd tip is the most valuable one.

Summer vacation is just around the corner bringing excitement to travel. Though not for the parents who have children on the spectrum. For these parents vacation causes anxiety. They would preferably go to a nearby park every day throughout the vacation than break a routine for their ASD kid.

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Motivational Monday – Top 10 Autism Friendly Employers of 2019

What about Kids with Autism after high school? Is the world ready?

As a parent, you’ve likely spent a lot of time pondering about your child’s future. Indeed more if your child is on the spectrum. The most common questions are-

  • Will he be independent?
  • Will he pay his own bills?
  • Will he ever be employed? so on and so forth.

As I was doing my research on these questions, I came across an article that gave me a ray of hope and motivation to strive harder for my son. Hope this article motivates you all too. Read More »

Autism awareness for my Family and Friends – 1 statement that I don’t want to hear.

It is never too late to expand the mind of a person on the autism spectrum.

Dr. Temple Grandin

April is Autism awareness month. Today, I would like to use this platform to raise awareness for my family and friends. I also take this opportunity to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism.

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