3 benefits of accepting your child’s autism ASAP

So, your child has been diagnosed with Autism by your doctor or you might have found that something is just not right with his/her milestone. You suddenly feel like a big jolt right? Or you may be saying to yourself, “it’s probably nothing, he/she may be sick, after two days he will be fine” but then after two days, the situation is the same.

Now, what do you do? Google immediately to find out if there is a quick medicine or get depressed thinking about the child’s future and shut yourself in a cocoon?

3 benefits of accepting your child’s Autism ASAP

Yes, I can hear what you are asking; I had so much of dreams for my child? What will happen to those? This doesn’t run in my family or my spouse’s? Will he will be fine in a year or two? And many more questions to yourself.

First and foremost, take some time to comprehend the entire situation and know that you will find a solution as you determine to stay positive in your child’s autism journey.

Why should I accept?

Autism is Time Sensitive. The sooner you ‘accept’ the earlier your child will get HELP.


With Acceptance comes skepticism; what does the future hold for my child? will he/she go to school? will he/she have friends? will he/she have a job? what will happen after me?.  

The answers to all the above questions will be to get educated about Autism and have Autism awareness.

  • Autism awareness is to have knowledge that Autism is not a disease and certainly not contagious. It is either a global or a set of developmental delays.
  • Those affected usually have problems in the area of social communication, repetitive stereotyped patterns of behavior/activities, sensory issues.
  • Also, be aware that with the help of a variety of behavioral treatments and interventions we can minimize the conditions that are challenging.

Congratulations! You have taken the best decision for your child as well as yourself. Acceptance is a simple yet the most powerful word to thrive in the Autism world or for that matter in any strides of our life. Once you have conquered that then there’s nothing that can stop you. 

3 benefits of accepting your child’s Autism ASAP

1. Happy Child

Go hug and kiss your child and just make him/her look at you (I know it is hard) and tell him/her aloud, “No matter what, I love you, we both will work together”.

Can you feel that positive vibe? This is the first step and no looking back now. You got this!

2. Clear mind

We all know that to think clearly and make positive decisions one needs to have a clear mind. Since you have accepted the situation, now you have a clear mind to contemplate numerous methods to support your child thrive. With a depressed mind, it wouldn’t have been possible.

3. Awareness is having a strong mind

Get educated as much as possible about Autism. Head on to a library; read journals, books. The Internet is also filled with knowledge. However, be informed what you are looking at, not all the websites/blogs/videos are educative, they may have pessimistic approach too and you are not here to cry but to get a strong mind.

Over to you,

Please leave a comment below-

  • Are you in this journey? Did this article help you?
  • When did you accept and become strong?
  • What helps you to be strong and keep moving?

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