Top 4 essential therapies to start ASAP for your child in the spectrum

Once you enter into the world of Autism then your mind is constantly thinking of various treatments/therapies you have to provide to your child.


Given below are the top 4 therapies which are essential to start ASAP.

  1. ABA -Applied Behavior Analysis therapy

This is the first and foremost therapy your child will require for his improvement. ABA method is a scientific approach to understanding different behavior. With the help of ABA therapy, your child will improve or correct specific behavior. You will unquestionably notice progress in positive behaviors and eventually decrease behaviors that are harmful to the child as well as others. ABA therapy enhances language and communication abilities.

There are many other therapies likewise similar to ABA therapy for e.g., Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), Son-rise program. However, ABA is the only Scientifically proven method for treating Autism.

2. ST – Speech therapy

Speech therapy helps the child with language and communication.


Based on the evaluation the Speech Language Pathologist gets information regarding the type of language problem your child might have and they tailor the treatment required for the child.

They help children with Articulation problems, voice problems, and fluency issues. They further treat the child for Receptive language issues as well as Expressive language issues.

3. OT – Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is for kids who struggle with gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. therapist-helpingThe therapist will assist the child to improve his day to day activities to become more independent. The OT will work to strengthen the child’s handwriting skills, eating with their spoon and, fork. The child is supported to work on their sensory integration by the OT.

4. Feeding therapy


Occupational therapy supports Feeding therapy. This therapy is to train children on how to eat.  Some kids have trouble consuming different texture of food.

Also, they have issues with their jaw while chewing. The therapist may suggest jaw exercises that will help strengthen the muscles for eating.

There are various additional therapies likewise that will be highly beneficial for your child’s progress; physical therapy, music therapy, aqua therapy, vision therapy and many more.

Based on your insurance, certain therapies are scheduled for 30 – 45 minutes a week.

My younger one Girish has been having ABA therapy, Speech therapy and Occupational therapy for the past 7 yrs. Girish has exhibited enormous development with the help of these therapies.


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