Motivational People – Sophia Miniel, a 15 yr old with Autism owns a ‘Soap making’ business.

Are you in anxiety and pondering about what future does your ASD child hold?

Get motivated by the 15-Year-Old girl with Autism who is the owner of an amazing soap making business.

I admire the parents who recognize a hidden ability in their children. These parents positively give me hope for my younger son’s future.

Sophia Miniel from Alvin, Texas is on the spectrum and loves to create sweet-smelling soaps. Her first soap in 2018 was with her favorite scent – coffee and from then on she never looked back. 

Now, she owns Soap making business called “Texas made soap”, a handcrafted soap made with high quality essential oils or fragrance oils.

You can read about her at and follow her FB page – TexasMadeSoap

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