Motivational People – Siri, an artistic enterpreneur on the spectrum.

Designs By Siri is a handcrafted jewelry business launched by Siri and her family. For this week’s motivational blog post, I got the privilege to interview Siri’s mom Swathi Chettipally who is Siri’s pillar of strength.

Don’t think that there’s a different, better child ‘hiding’ behind the autism. This is your child. Love the child in front of you. Encourage his strengths, celebrate his quirks, and improve his weaknesses, the way you would with any child.

Claire Scovell LaZebnik, author Growing up on the spectrum

Siri’s story was featured in Autism Parenting magazine this month.

Click to read the article featured in the Autism Parenting Magazine

Read this week’s persuasive interview with Siri’s mom, Swathi Chettipally CEO of Designs By Siri.

She speaks about the launch of ‘Designs by Siri’, also describes Siri’s dedication and hard work while designing any jewelry piece. She is also amazed at how the jewelry design has boosted Siri’s confidence. Also, read the positive plans she has for her beautiful daughter.

Swathi (Left) Siri (Right)

Know more about Siri and her love to design jewelry from her mom Swathi Chettipally –

Designs by Siri

Who introduced designing jewelry to her and at what age? Did she face any fine motor skills difficulties?

We have been trying for a while to see if Siri would be interested in making jewelry as her fine motor skills are simply amazing and we noticed her liking towards beads. We discovered this talent of hers when she turned 22.

When and how was the moment you discovered that Siri’s amazing talent can be turned into a business?

Siri didn’t show much interest in interacting with her mom. Siri’s younger brother went into army training and we came to know that there are some soldiers were looking for care packages. We trained her to make care packages which turned into jewelry making. Siri is very fast and efficient in what she does. Siri can sit for 4 to 6hrs without any breaks to make the jewelry. We started giving her work away for free to our friends and family who intern started giving money to Siri. Family felt obligated to take as it was for Siri and they decided to open up an online business so that they all can go to the store and purchase instead.

Siri designing jewelry

How has it helped Siri’s personality after launching her own business?

Soon after her online business opened up, her story started drawing interest from media. Her story aired on many TV stations and also got published several times.

After the launch, Siri’s self esteem has changed a lot.  She hears her name more than ours.  The way we are addressed has changed from Swathi to Siri’s mom, Siri’s dad, Siri’s brothers.  Her brothers interaction also changed as they see a new Siri every day.  Now a days she is approaching them directly and she communicates with them more often than before.

All new business comes with their challenges, what hurdles have your family encountered and how did you tackle them?

Siri makes many pieces and sometimes it’s hard to sell them all. We donate to organizations to raise money for their cause. We go to Autism conferences to showcase Siri’s work and also sell her work.

Would you like to share any forthcoming plans for

Our plan is to include other skills like weaving, candle and soap making. Eventually we want to train others like Siri to work on the projects that Siri is working on.

There are many products that Siri creates for her shop What is her favorite?

Siri doesn’t have one favorite but if there is one she might say Wine Glass Rings which we sell through many business outlets including her website.

What will you advise the parents whose kids are on the spectrum and feel their kids have no positive future?

I want to tell each and every parent one thing and that is “if Siri can do it so can yours”. Siri never showed any positive future but then everything turned around when she spent 6 months at home. Keep working don’t expect quick fixes. We have been working with Siri throughout her life and she started showing the results after she turned 22.

Siri and her mother Swathi Chettipally, CEO of Designs By Siri, bring a ray of hope with their positive mindset to the autism community. Swathi also hosts a weekly radio show to promote autism awareness.

Encourage Siri by visiting and making your purchase.


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