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Girish Diagnosis | Who changed me?

Being positive is an art to be practiced every day in the journey of parenting. It becomes more challenging to pursue that art when you have a child with autism.

I am PriyaM mother of two adorable boys Krish & Girish who are 13 and 9 respectively. Girish, our younger son is diagnosed with autism. Me & my  hubby raise our kids in the USA.pics_spec

The journey so far has been mixed emotions. The story of Girish’s diagnosis can be read here.


This blog is all about “Positive approach to autism”

I always believe in being positive. A positive environment pics_spec2and approach lead to happy kids. Thanks to my hubby and dad of Krish & Girish who also trusts a lot in maintaining optimism.

We have been in the world of autism for the past 8 yrs. It’s been up’s and down’s throughout the journey. Whenever there is a meltdown for no apparent reason or we see no progress at all for months,  I am depressed for days together.

However, that was all in the past. Not that I don’t get sad now, but I overcome quickly…Click here to know How/Who changed me?

You might find a plethora of websites, blogs related to autism. There are so many resources too in the world of social media where we vent out or read a caregiver’s story that we can relate to.  However, I am always in search for a platform that will hold my finger and walk with me calmly guiding me, without judging me but at the same time giving a pat on my back to motivate me as I am working for my younger son’s progress. Thus, I came up with this blog.

Raising a child with autism is one of the most challenging responsibilities any parent can face
Positive Parenting for Autism, Victoria Boone MA BCBA

I will provide guidance, encouragement with tips and tools based on my experiences that will inspire you to come out of your isolation and look at your child with a new ray of hope.

Empower and Inspire

  • Through this blog, I aspire to empower and uplift parents, AutismQuote8-768x768caregivers who seem to be lost after the diagnosis of their child.
  • My blog will help you face the challenge of your child’s progress without being intimidated.
  • With numerous therapies, learning strategies and tools used for Girish’s progress, I will share my experiences and challenges with the hope that you will benefit and get awareness to embrace autism.
  • Here, you will find information on-
    • Autism
    • The special needs education system in the USA
    • ABA-Applied Behavior Analysis therapy
    • Details of strategies that have worked for Girish and much more.

My blog will make a difference in your world!

I would love to know how are you dealing with your child’s diagnosis. Has it changed your attitude in any way? Please share it with me.

Always remember – Give yourself a pat on the back. You are doing an awesome job.

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