Meet the blogger


Raising a child with autism is one of the most challenging responsibilities any parent can face
Positive Parenting for Autism, Victoria Boone MA BCBA

I am PriyaM mother of two adorable boys Krish & Girish who are 13 and 9 respectively. Girish, our younger son is diagnosed with autism. Me and my optimistic hubby raise our kids in the USA.




This blog is all about “Positive approach to autism”

My mindset to have a positive approach to my son’s autism helps me to see the brighter side. A positive environment and approach lead to happy kids.


You can be
{Sad, Angry, Upset, Anxious, Drained,
Overwhelmed, Unsure, or Afraid}
and still be POSITVE


We have been in the world of autism for the past 8 yrs. It’s always a roller coaster throughout my younger child’s progress.

There are days when I am low-spirited and life looks gloomy. However with some remainders to myself I bounce back like a rubber ball, thanks to my Positive mindset.

You might find a plethora of websites, resources for autism. There are so many personal blogs in the social media where a caregiver writes her sorrowful story. 

However, I am always in search of a platform that will guide me, without being judgemental. Furthermore, giving a pat on my back to motivate me while I am working for my younger son, Girish’s development. Hence, I came up with this blog.

I will provide guidance, encouragement with tips and tools based on my experiences that will inspire you to come out of your isolation and look at your child with a new ray of hope.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of.
Every child is a blessing.


Empower and Inspire

My blog will make a difference in your world!

Through this blog, I aspire to empower and uplift your spirits after autism diagnosis of your child.

My blog will help you face the challenge of your child’s progress without being intimidated.

With numerous therapies, learning strategies and tools used for my son’s progress, I will share my experiences and challenges that will benefit your child.

Here, you will find information on-

    • Autism
    • The special needs education system in the USA
    • ABA-Applied Behavior Analysis therapy
    • Details of strategies that have worked for Girish and much more.


Give yourself a pat on the back.
You are doing an awesome job.

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