4 Autism myths my son dispelled and displayed improvements

With a lot of dedication and strategies to strive, you can dispel the common autism myths and see significant progress in your child.

Today, I would like to share with you 4 autism myths my son dispelled and displayed improvements, which is the outcome of various therapies and strategies that I have followed for the past 8 years to achieve this level.

How to teach an autistic child to face bullying : Implement 3 simple, everyday techniques to build this Life skill

From a very young age, we learn several fundamental life skills, and among them is to protect ourselves and stand for ourselves. Unfortunately, this particular skill doesn’t emerge naturally to the child with Autism. We have to teach them how to self-defense themselves. The earlier we start, the earlier they are ready to face bullying.

How to motivate autism students for schoolwork : 5 powerful strategies to try today.

You have taken charge of homeschooling your kids at different levels and age for the rest of the academic year.

However, your child with special needs is showing frustration and anxiety to do school work or practice any work that you provide him/her? Read more to find out :
How to motivate Autism students for Schoolwork : 5 powerful strategies to try today

The 1 most valuable practice your Autism child needs right now to cope in the current pandemic situation

With the Stay at home orders happening currently in the world, as a parent we are wondering how to keep the kids busy as well as utilize their time productively. As a special needs caregiver, your worry is even more since your child will miss the social skills, speech therapy, physical therapy or occupational therapy […]

5 tips for Flying with an ASD child this holiday. The 2nd tip is the most valuable one.

Autism is hard enough and besides that, planning an airplane trip that combines more challenges of crowd, bright lights, waiting for security clearance, escalators, loud noises, take off, landing, confined bathroom spaces, etc. causes sheer panic to a child with ASD as well as to the entire family.
Follow these 5 helpful tips that will save you from immense stress and anxiety during your flight journey.

Motivational People – 20-Year-Old With Autism And His Mother Open Bakery To Employ Others On Spectrum

What about Kids with Autism after high school? Is the world ready?
As a parent, you’ve likely spent a lot of time pondering about your child’s future. Indeed more if your child is on the spectrum. I came across an article that gave me a ray of hope and motivation to strive harder for my son. Hope this article motivates you all too. 

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