4 Autism myths my son dispelled and displayed improvements

Autism journey is an emotional roller coaster ride with hard decisions to make besides digest the fact of your child’s future. This situation becomes further hurtful when you overhear many autism myths that not only confuse you but scare you too.

Nevertheless, please don’t despair. With a lot of dedication and strategies to strive, you can dispel the common autism myths and see significant progress in your child. Today, I would like to share with you 4 autism myths my son dispelled and displayed improvements, which is the outcome of various therapies and strategies that I have followed for the past 8 years to achieve this level.

4 Autism myths my son dispelled and displayed improvements

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Motivational People – Siri, an artistic enterpreneur on the spectrum.

Designs By Siri is a handcrafted jewelry business launched by Siri and her family. For this week’s motivational blog post, I got the privilege to interview Siri’s mom Swathi Chettipally who is Siri’s pillar of strength.

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Motivational People – Sophia Miniel, a 15 yr old with Autism owns a ‘Soap making’ business.

Are you in anxiety and pondering about what future does your ASD child hold?

Get motivated by the 15-Year-Old girl with Autism who is the owner of an amazing soap making business.

I admire the parents who recognize a hidden ability in their children. These parents positively give me hope for my younger son’s future.

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Motivational People – Kerry Margo’s journey From Nonverbal Autism to Public Speaking

Kerry Magro is such an inspiration for parents of non-verbal children with autism.

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Motivational People – Love for Legos helped change the life of a man with autism

Brad’s marvelous talent to put together complicated construction toys and legos gave his father an idea for a business.

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