Girish’s Diagnosis

2010 <<< Girish born in December.

2011 <<< Girish’s pediatrician suspected something fishy and asked us to keep an eye on him from his 5th month since he didn’t reach any of the early milestones. At the 9th month checkup, she gave us a heads up that he might have some developmental delay. At that moment, we just brushed it off but at the 1 yr check up she asked us to hurry up to register him for an Early Intervention (and we asked her, what do you mean?). She explained to us all about the developmental delays he had and what were the milestones he had missed. She also conveyed that he is mentally just a month or two old at the age of 12 months. Which we as parents could judge since we already had Krish, our older one who was opposite to his younger brother as he had always achieved his milestones early. He said “mom” around 9 months and started speaking phrases at the age of 2.

2012 <<< After a brief 2 months of depression (Yes, I got back to the track quickly), I contacted our county’s Regional Center who after evaluation and other formalities discussed a plan suitable for Girish. He would get ABA therapy at home 3 days a week and would be taken for OT once a week. From his 16th month, he started to get therapies.

2013 <<< At 26th month after the usual evaluation, he was diagnosed officially with Autism and in the spectrum he was in “Intense/Severe”.

2016-2017 <<< Girish went to Kindergarten. The school placed him in Moderate special needs class after their routine of numerous rounds of evaluation.


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