How/Who changed me?

Girish and Paula (his OT) are the reason for my change.

My Depression

Both Krish & Girish are very attentive to my mood and react accordingly. When I am happy they are happy if I am upset they are too. Krish’s reactions to my upset mood would be sitting quietly and looking at me with his wide eyes behind his glasses. Girish during those depression days was just 18 months old and was mentally probably 3 -5 months old. He would look at my face and get scared or start to cry.

There have been days when I would look at him and say “Why are you like this?, What I have done wrong, Why can’t you be like your brother, Why me? Girish would just stare at me and cry after some time. When the therapist came, he wouldn’t perform at all. No performance leads to No progress and that leads to my depression. Little did I know that “I” (the mom) was blocking his progress.

Paula (OT)

Then came Paula his OT. A very cheerful lady who was in her early 50’s. She was just full of life. Paula would fill the entire house with such positive energy that I noticed Girish was happy and laugh non-stop. She made Girish climb steps, made him sit with balance and much more. The best part was Girish enjoyed her presence and anticipated her visit.

One bright afternoon, during Paula’s session, Girish took his first step at 23 months. We were speechless, it was the biggest joy for us.

I cried while hugging her and said, It happened, you did it. Thank you so much.

Paula said, “Not me, you did it, mom, give yourself a pat on the back. Your trust in Girish made him walk. Your confidence is the vibe he gets to trust himself”.

I looked puzzled and happy too and said, “Oh is it, really!!”

Mommy Makeover

That incident and what Paula told me changed me completely.  I understood how essential is my role in Girish’s progress. I decided to stop worrying, crying and be the happy mom to pass on the energy to Krish & Girish as they can thrive healthy and happy in a better environment.

Happy mom Happy Girish

Before this incident, I used to look at Girish with depression, too many questions in my mind and Girish would get scared to look at me. But after Paula spoke to me I just looked at him without any thoughts in my mind and Girish gave me the best smile of his and crawled to give me a big hug.  So, did he know that I am happy today without any worries for him? Wow! what a strong vibe ‘we’ (moms) pass on to our children!


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