How to motivate autism students for schoolwork : 5 powerful strategies to try today.

You are fairly settling to the new lifestyle of juggling amidst remote work schedules, attending Telehealth sessions, and coordinating with the school teacher for distance learning as well.

You have taken charge of homeschooling your kids at different levels and age for the rest of the academic year.

However, your child with special needs is showing frustration and anxiety to do school work or practice any work that you provide him/her?

How to motivate autism students for schoolwork : 5 powerful strategies to try today

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5 efficient strategies tried and proven to benefit your Autistic child during the lockdown

Bravo, mom! You have already done a remarkable job by juggling between kids, cooking, laundry, and your remote work schedule for almost 5 weeks now. That’s an immense achievement, and you deserve a pat on your back!

Although you have survived adequately so far, yet you are facing meltdowns, issues with focus, direction following, etc.?

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The 1 most valuable practice your Autism child needs right now to cope in the current pandemic situation

With the Stay at home orders happening currently in the world, as a parent we are wondering how to keep the kids busy as well as utilize their time productively.

As a special needs caregiver, your worry is even more since your child will miss the social skills, speech therapy, physical therapy or occupational therapy in school etc. Including ABA clinics that has been closed for safety reasons as well as in home ABA therapy sessions are cancelled.

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