Autism awareness for my Family and Friends

“Until you have a kid with special needs, you have no idea of the depth of your strength, tenacity, and resourcefulness”. ~ Anonymous


April is an Autism awareness month. Autism is very new to our family and friends. Though they are getting educated seeing my son and the ways we deal with his autism however they lack even basic awareness. Today I would like to use this platform to raise awareness for my family and friends. Read More »

3 key points why Acceptance is the positive approach to autism

So, your child has been diagnosed with Autism by your doctor or you might have found that something is just not right with his/her milestone. You suddenly feel like a big jolt right? Or you may be saying to yourself, “it’s probably nothing, he/she may be sick, after two days he will be fine” but then after two days, the situation is the same.

Now, what do you do? Google immediately to find out if there is a quick medicine or get depressed thinking about the child’s future and shut yourself in a cocoon?Read More »